How I help you build your project

About Me

I pride myself in being able to offer a variety of skills when helping you create your project. The following sections lists the different services I provide and how they help in the projects design, development, and implementation.

Website Development

I provide a variety of web development services for your website project. Depending on your needs, I can custom code your website, modify open source solutions or help integrate a commercial application that will best fit your project scope.

PHP Programming

Most of the software development I do is accomplished with PHP programming and MySQL databases. Building a website with PHP, just about any functionality is possible.

MySQL Database

Using PHP to connect your website to a database, you can literally build any type of website that is easy to manage.

Website Design

I design websites that are eye-caching, easy-to-navigate, respect usability rules, have relevant information and good content, are tested on many browsers, and will retain visitors for the long term and make them return.


All of the new websites I build are fully responsive (mobile ready). I can also retrofit your current site to make it mobile compatible.


With JavaScript you can enhance the user experience by providing a fluid and interesting user interface to keep users interested and on your website.

Website Maintenance

I offer my website development services on an as needed basis. This is perfect for small businesses that do not need a full time in house programmer. If you need small scale ongoing monthly website maintenance, I can support your needs in this capacity.

Web Consulting

If you're starting a website have no idea of what you may need I provide website consulting to answer your questions about the steps to building a website.

Code Debugging

It is important that your website is always in working order. If you find that something is not working correctly I offer services to debug PHP code problems and fix other website errors as well.