Here are some of the projects I have created.


INTRApp is an intranet application that was created to record patient dental plan information that can be accessed over the internet. It was first created solely for ASAP Dental Care office but then expanded to their other offices. Based off of OpenCarts MVC framework. Its main function is to ...

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HTML5 Audio Events

Call event during the sound Set a callback to execute at a certain time of a sound files playback. It's small and pure JavaScript no js library is needed. Use it in combination with jQuery to add it to an event handler like click or k...

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MagikTech is a lightweight ticket support system application with intuitive navigation and management operations to help keep you on top of ball and make sure everything is running smoothly. ...

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Dex: Game Template

This is just a little template I made for fun when toying around with HTML5 and CSS3. I might do some more with it at sometime but until then it's just a template. If you do check it out make sure to click on the "Intro HTML5 Style" button. It's kind of cool. ...

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Made to be small but easy to extend, it works great for creating simple websites and applications for your development sandbox. It's main goal is to allow the developer to add their own PHP classes and seamlessly work with them throughout the framework without having to refactor them, as well ...

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